Cocktail Club HUGH, Hilton Hotel, Rotterdam
For cocktail club HUGH in Rotterdam I have been able to produce a lot of work in 2015. That is why I would like to focus on that recent exposure as it shows many of my skills and styles. The assignments included corporate design with logo's, menus, business cards, promotional cards, ads, facebook and instagram posts. Also I delivered many posters, flyers and website content, both on the textual level as visual, in close communication with the brandmanager. Images I had to use for publication I often photographed and edited myself for print and social media.
HUGH in opening stage 
During renovation of the building for the upcoming HUGH cocktail club in the Hilton Hotel at Rotterdam I was asked to design facade filling window posters (see also above) to obscure the developments and to titillate and arouse curiosity about the opening event of the club with inspiring imagery. I applied style elements from the corporate elements of HUGH, as well as 3D impressions of the interior in development.
Towards the opening event
Leading up to actual opening event of HUGH I designed a daily countdown sequence in the HUGH black and white style with color accents where colorful balloons depicted the remaining days.
Especially for the opening event of HUGH in April 2015 a music CD with music from the house-dj's was produced. I was privileged to design both the sleeve and the print.
All about style
This wall collage I made, combining 2D as well 3D illustration techniques, showed up very well in photographic sessions like below on the very first THEHUGHBRUNCH
Happy holidays!
Promotional posters for holidays when HUGH organised special events.
Always time for a cocktail
Promotional ad to invite people to the cocktail specials.
Ads and advertorials
HUGH in magazines
Logodesign for the monthly New York style brunch event with food, entertainment, afterparty and dj's.
Flyers to invite to THEHUGHBRUNCH
Diner Dansant HUGH style
Personnel ads
Promotional give-away teasers
HUGH serves
Series of presentations of dishes and drinks [selection]
Recurring event on Fridays where different brands of gins and tonics were presented.
the HUGH look
Because HUGH wanted to offer a fusion of music, fashion, design and leasure clubbing we developed a HUGH look sequal to stimulate guests to go out again in style. Fashionable items and people were presented
HUGH people
Meet our staff promotionals. Staff in HUGH are trained thoroughly to meet the highest levels of service.
Show me the goods: menu, cocktailcard and drinkscard
A special place like HUGH with a large offering of dishes en drinks needs strong media to present the goods.
Here I designed a special cocktailbook of coated aluminium, with rubber bands.
Underneath an example of the very sturdy and luxurious menu.
Other design items for different clients
Movieposters for Vollemaan Productions. I acted in the first two, collaborated on the last.
Promotional logo and imagery for DJ Dustin de Windt
Business cards and the likes
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