Who I am
Jeroen Beltman, landed in 1960, professionally in 1992.
After studies in architecture, fine arts and computergraphics I started my own studio in graphic design and 3D visualization and gradually developed into one multimedia-
octopussy. My skills now embrace graphic design, illustration, animation, webdesign, 3D and music.
Through a number of jobs as graphic designer I developed indepth desktop publishing skills for both digital and hardcopy print, as well as detailed and specialized image editing qualities.
Among my daily tools are the Adobe Creative Suite with all important apps in it, but especially Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and After Effects.

For 3D I mainly use Cinema4D, a widely acknowledged 3D modelling and animation program for its professional abilities and usability. I just love it ! Please see examples under Illustrations.
As an extension to 3D animation I developed knowledge of video-editing and composing.
Construct + rearrange, break apart + rebuild, over and over!
For more information you can write me with info-at-thebelt-dot-nl.
You can also reach me by telephone at 06-254 55 212
If you would like to read more about 3D modelling or 3D visualizing you may find it interesting to read
this synopsis in English    or    in Dutch